Complete System Prices

While there are many options for systems and prices, you get what you pay for. Aeration systems are significantly less expensive, but they are also less effective. Both our ozone and our oxygen systems are 100% effective in removing iron, manganese, sulfur, bacteria, particulates and more. Here are the equipment prices for four different systems:

  • Oxygen Ecosmarte System: $6495 (Total price ~ $8100)
  • Ozone System: $4549 (Total price ~ $6500)
  • Iron-Breaker Aeration system: $2500 (Total price ~ $3300)
  • Tannin removal system: $1745

Add to the equipment price the cost of shipping, additional plumbing parts, labor for installation, and tax.
Before deciding simply by price, consider what each system will do.


Well Water Configuration

The Ecosmarte oxygen system is quicker and easier to install and plumb, is quiet, does not have parts that need to be replaced periodically, and is actually over time less expensive than the ozone system. Once a month the plates must be soaked for about ten minutes in a bucket of muriatic acid. Even thought he initial price is higher, you save money with a quicker installation and virtually no maintenance costs. Add maybe $1000 to the price to include shipping, plumbing parts, labor and tax.



While no water system is totally maintenance-free, this is virtually self-operating and rarely requires maintenance. When designing a water treatment system there are several variables: labor hours, miscellaneous parts, tax, and whether or not additional parts are required, such as tannin removal, water softener, arsenic filter, pH stabilizer, etc. It is always best to have a water analysis done before ordering a system. Add maybe $400-$600 for labor, plus the cost of plumbing parts, plus tax, and the total may cost around $6000. (Keep in mind that the long-term cost of using an ozone compressor pump instead of a jet pump is that the pump must be re-built every two or three years, at a cost of around $400 each time.)

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The Iron Breaker III costs$2200, but add an ozone generator for $300 more to kill the iron bacteria. This single-tank system involves nothing more than plumbing a by-pass to and from the tank, and a drain, and then plugging into a 120v outlet the back-wash valve and the ozone generator. Cost in materials and time is minimal. At the high end, set-up might cost $250, plumbing could be $250, and plumbing parts could be $200.