System Comparison

Below are the three whole-house chemical-free technologies available for oxidizing dissolved minerals and treating water on Whidbey.
The oxygen system is salt-free and eliminates iron, manganese, sulfur, hardness, and even arsenic — all the problems we have here on the island — for the lowest long-term price and the least maintenance.

Features Air Ozone Oxygen
Minimum flow rate required 5 gpm 8 gpm 10 gpm
Basic equipment price $2200 $4595 $6495
Number of tanks 1 2 3-4
Removes particulates X X X
Removes chlorine X X X
Removes iron X X X
Removes manganese X X X
Removes sulfur X X X
Removes odor X X X
No chlorine or bromine X X X
Kills & removes iron bacteria +$300 X X
No check valves to replace X X
No pump to rebuild X X
No noise X X
Cancels pesticides X X
Highly effective X X
Removes arsenic (add an arsenic tank) X
Removes hardness (no salt) (add a water softener) X
No need to adjust pH X

These prices are strictly the cost of the equipment.
Add to these prices the cost of shipping, plumbing parts, installation labor, and tax.